What is Denther?

Denther is a project with goal to improve the overall efficiency of dental services market. We believe that the way dental market is currently structured and operates is vastly inefficient and that by the use of technology and know-how we can achieve:

  • better health of patients
  • less costs of dental services
  • more revenue for best dental providers

Dental market is a model example of inefficient market. Research shows that more than 25% of costs of dental care are unnecessary, and there is indication of additional unnecessary costs. This is the result of unique cocktail of economic inefficiencies:

  • information asymmetry,
  • credence good,
  • imperfect competition,
  • lack of standards,
  • inadequate technology and
  • low specialisation.

By separating and standardizing dental services and removing entry barriers, we are able to create one global market with better outcomes. Such market can have lower prices and higher quantities (health quality). Here, utilizing these ideas and technologies, we propose Denther. A global marketplace with best dental examination, opinion, treatment and insurance services. Denther focuses on understanding and solving economic problems which permeat dental industry keeping it in permanently in suboptimal market balance. More than 500 person-hours were invested in researching and understanding the root causes of this structure. A complex, but theoretically fault-proof mechanism was devised for breaking the ill causing links and enabling the market to fall in more optimal balance. Denther is still in early stage research phase. Many of our assumptions and hypotheses are yet to be confirmed by hard proof. We invite you to criticize our project's gaps but keep an open mind for possible benefits for the whole humanity if we achieve our goals.

Why Denther?

Solution for dentists

Dentists can use Denther to compete on the global market without restrictions and limitations. Most competitive dentists will be able to reach and serve the wealthiest clients or perform the most profitable services. Also, they will be able to specialize in a one or few procedures and reach clients who seek these services anywhere in the world. With Denther, your work objectively and directly reflects onto your reputation and earnings.

Solution for patients

Patients can use Denther to improve the health outcomes in their life. Denther puts them into better position of understanding their health condition and options they have to improve it. Additionally, Denther makes it easy to find a reliable provider and obtain their services anywhere in the world.

Solution for insurance

Insurance providers loose huge amounts of money due to insurance fraud in dental industry. Denther prevents insurance fraud at the fraction of the price and with near perfect execution. By eliminating fraud, insurers can offer services with lower premiums and better coverage than currently possible.